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The fast way to a new home

Everyone who has searched for a new home before, knows it is not always as easy and quick as hoped for.
Especially in the 4 big university cities, Aalborg, Odense, Aarhus and Copenhagen student friendly apartments are in high demand.

If you are looking for a new home yourself, you probably know this far too well. Many landlords have been contacted, few have replied and you have yet to find your next home.

The reason for this is the huge lack of small and cheap apartments which can be afforded by a student.

New studies show that 98% of all rental apartments under 75 sqm in Copenhagen are not vacant. This means that all home seekers, who are looking for an affordable apartment have to fight for the last 2% of small apartments. This is a huge imbalance in supply and demand, why the search for a small 1 or 2 room apartment can seem long and tiring.

How do I find a home fast?
If you are in this exact situation, where you are currently looking for a cheap home, help is on its way!
There is luckily still a bunch of vacant apartments in e.g. Copenhagen, which are all empty and ready to move into. There has been a profound boom in new apartments the latest years. The apartments are all big and modern - and really really expensive! It is apartments over 100 sqm. big for more than 15.000 DKK in rent a month. So apartments no young student ever will be able to afford on their own. Therefore it is natural that many of the home seekers go directly to the small cheaper apartments and apply for those. This means that many of the big, unaffordable apartments are empty and therefore a whole lot easier to get a hold of. You can go to every housing site and find these 3 or 4 rooms apartment just waiting to be rented.

As a home seeker you can therefore skip the long line to an apartment by renting one of these. You of course should not be alone with the rent and it's here roommates enter the picture. By finding 2 or 3 roommates you can spilt all costs to the apartment and thereby end up in a new, luxurious, big apartment for only 5000 DKK a month.
Besides getting a lower rent and fixed costs you also get roommates who can make the everyday life a lot more fun!

How do I find roommates?
It is easy to find potential roommates! If you are enrolled at a university or other school there are surely other people also looking for a new home closer to the school. See if any of them will join you in the apartment hunt.
Otherwise you can always find a whole list of home seekers searching in your area here on
Find all home seekers here and write to any you think you'll might click with.

So there are many good options to find an apartment in Copenhagen and other big cities fast.
Best of luck with your search. You are always welcome to write us on the chat or to for help or more advice.

Updated on: 25/02/2020