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How to receive more replies from the landlords

There are several things you can do to increase your chances of getting replies from the landlords.

Here are 5 pieces of advice on what you can do in order to get more replies to your messages.

1 Go through your messages

The first thing you can to do is to go through the messages you have sent. Consider if you can add more information about yourself. The more information you write about yourself, the better the landlords get to know you - in that way they will better be able to see all the things you have in common and can better image how it would be living with you. This is a big advantage for you when the landlords in the end have to decide on who to write back to. 

You can also try to write some fun fact about yourself. Have you experienced something exciting, do you have a hidden talent, do you yodel? These things help making your message more memorable and stand out from the other messages that the landlords have received. 

Remember also to make your message personal by specifically addressing something that was mentioned in the ad. From the landlords’ point of view, sending a standard message is one of the worst things you can do. Therefore, you should make sure to include something from the ad in your message, so the landlord can see that you actually have read the ad and spend time writing a personal message to the - this will give you much credit!

You can also consider changing the structure of your message. Be creative. You can try to start off your message with some kind of catchy phrase that is so intriguing that the landlords just can’t help  to continue reading. You can also try writing in bullet point form so the message is more reader-friendly.

2 Update your profile

If you have not done it already, you can benefit from updating your profile with a profile picture and text. Many landlords intentionally ignore messages from profiles with no profile picture. Most prefer being able to see a picture along with the message as it is important for them to put a face to the person that potentially could be their future roommate. In most cases a profile with a profile picture will be chosen over a profile without a profile picture.

Even though you write about yourself in the messages to the landlords, it is still important to also have a text about yourself on your profile. Some landlords choose to look for their new roommate through the roommate search site, and therefore your profile will be more appealing to the landlords if they can read about you directly from the profile. If they, from your profile, can see that you will be a good match, they might contact you - and then you won’t have to compete with hundreds of others to get the room. Nice, right?

3 Get recommendations from your friends

The icing on the cake will be if you have recommendations from your friends and family on your profile. It gives a good impression to show that other people ‘approve’ you. If the landlords can see that other people have recommended you, they are more inclined to take you into consideration when they have to choose their new roommate. You can get both your mom, old roommate, best friend to recommend you - no matter who the recommendation comes from, it will have a positive effect on the landlord. You can get your family and friends to recommend you by sending them a link to your profile. From here they can go to your profile and write a recommendation themselves.

4 Be proactive

Even though you have written to a landlord once before, you should not hold back writing a message again. Naturally, you should not spam the landlord with messages, but it is alright to send a follow-up message where you indicate that you still are interested in the room. 

If you have followed some of the previous advice and updated your profile with pictures, text and recommendations, the landlords might notice your message this time around. Plus, writing a follow-up message shows that you are serious and truly interested in the room. 

5  Never give up - continue applying for rooms

The most important thing you can do in your search is to never give up. Continue searching and applying for rooms you have not already applied for. So while you wait for answers, keep applying for new rooms - The more you apply for, the better your chances for answers are. Therefore, you should make use of the waiting time to contact new landlords instead of just sit and wait.

We hope you can use the advice in your search. Unfortunately, we can’t make any guarantees that using the advice automatically will give you replies, however it will increase your chances of hearing back from the landlords. So, hopefully you will receive some answers and get on with your search for a new home!

Good luck

Remember that we always are ready to chat with you in the weekdays from 8-16. So don’t hold back if you need more advice or have any questions.

Updated on: 27/03/2020