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Findroommate user: How I found my new room

Many of us know the feeling. You are searching for a new home, the entire process of finding a home is overwhelming and you don’t really know where to start or end. How to deal with it all?

We have talked to Trine, a Findroommate user who just found a new room to live in. She will share her story of how she experienced the process of searching for a new home and how she ended up finding the perfect room in Copenhagen.

A challenging housing market

When Trine started her search for a new home she was initially looking for an apartment to rent. 

Searching for apartments on Google, Trine however found and this was the first time she discovered the concept of shared apartments - a concept she was excited about right from the start. She also felt it would be easier to find a room in a shared apartment compared to a an apartment alone, and therefore she started looking for a room.

Trine naturally had some criteria to the room she wanted to rent. “I wanted to find a place where the roommates were around the same age as me and where we had similar interests - and then I wanted to live in a specific area in Copenhagen - e.g. Nørrebro.”

The housing market for rentals in Copehagen (and particularly in the areas closest to the city centre) can be quite a battlefield as there are so many home seekers compared to the amount of vacant accommodation options. Trine also felt the big competition: There were many [landlords] who didn’t reply to my message. This is also ok, if they don’t think I’m a match, but it could have been nice with a (polite) rejection.”

But then things turned for the better…

The frustration over the lack of replies didn’t bring Trine down. She continued her search for a room and it paid off in the end as she eventually got in touch with a landlord of a room i Nørrebro - her area of preference.

When the contact first was made the rest went quite fast. Trine explains here about the process: “The landlord who ended up choosing me as her new roommate, answered my message and then asked into things such as cleaning habits etc. Then we agreed on a day, where I could come an see the room and apartment - so we also could see if we would be a good roommate match. We hit it off very well and then she wrote me, that if I was still interested, the room was mine.”

So over a period of one month, Trine went from being home seeker to get not only a new home but also a new roommate.

Trine was one of the lucky users who found a room in Copenhagen. A good application, drive and a will to succeed helped Trine find the perfect room in the perfect located, despite a few bumps on the road. We know that you are many home seekers out there in the same situation as Trine has just been in. So we have asked Trine to give a few advice on how to deal with the process of finding a new home. 

Trines advice to other home seekers:

We live in the digitale age where you make judgements based on pictures and texts. I will recommend future home seekers to not rule out or discard a room based on the picture or text. You most certainly have specific demands to who you wish to live with, which is completely alright. But take a chance, meet the person and see the room before you rule out both the person and the room right away.

Updated on: 25/02/2020