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A newcomers guide to Copenhagen's neighbourhoods

Are you new to the city and not very familiar with the different areas of Copenhagen, here’s a short guide to all central areas, which might help you figure out where specifically you want to find a room ro rent.

Inner City - København K

The absolute most central part of Copenhagen. Here you find everthing from the Central Station, to the big shopping street Strøget and Amalienborg, the home of the Queen and royal family. It is a hectic area with people in the streets nearly all hours a day. As it is the most central part of Copenhagen prices for a room is also higher than other areas._Typical price for a room to rent: 5500-6000 DKK_


Vesterbro is known as the hipster area and has experienced and extreme increase in popularity over the last 10 years. It is placed right next to Inner city, close to Tivoli and the Central Station. Also placed in the neighborhood is Kødbyen a poplar area for restaurants and bars. 

Most apartments are old, charming with lots of history. Due to the increasing popularity in the area prices for rooms are also higher than other places._Typical price for a room to rent: 5500-6000 DKK_


Nørrebro is an ever popular part of Copenhagen known for its diversity and special local stores. Close to the lakes, parks, bars and museums there are many options for spending time outside work and studies in Nørrebro._Typical price for a room to rent: 4000-5000 DKK_


Frederiksberg is for many equivalent with Copenhagen Business School as the university is placed in the center of the neighborhood. Frederiksberg also houses Copenhagen Zoo and the parks Frederiksberg Have and Søndermarken. With its central location Frederiksberg is a popular area and rent is also similar to the prices in Inner City._Typical price for a room to rent: 5500-6000 DKK_


Østerbro is known for being a place families live but due to its central location there are also many students and young people who are locating in the area. The area is less hectic than Inner City and  is close to water and beaches. Østerbro also houses Denmark’s national football stadium where also concerts are being held._Typical price for a room to rent: 4000-5500 DKK_


Valby has seen a big development over the last few years with many new apartments being built. Placed right next to Vesterbro and Frederiksberg Valby is a great area to settle down, as you are close to many other neighborhoods but not close enough that the prices are as high. Valbyparken gives you all the nature you need -  good for long walks, ball games with your friends, sunbathing and anything there in between._Typical price for a room to rent: 4000-5000 DKK_


Amager has everything. Metro, beaches, old apartments, new apartments, shopping,  the airport, parks etc. This is also why Amager is becoming increasingly popular. Much has happened in the last 10 years, where the ara was not on many’s wish list. Despite the new popularity prices for rooms are still lower than other places of Copenhagen._Typical price for a room to rent: 4000-5000 DKK_


Sydhavnen is an upper coming part of the city where new buildings with modern apartments have been built massively in the past few years. In close distance to the city center but still away from the hectic everyday, Sydhavnen is an ideal place to live if you don’t want to live too far from the center but still want to be close to water, nature and quiet surroundings._Typical price for a room to rent: 4500-5500 DKK_


A 20-30 minute bike ride from the center of Copenhagen you’ll find Vanløse and Brønshøj. As more people are coming to Copenhagen to live these areas are becoming more popular and especially Vanløse has grown to become a popular area as the neighborhood both has a metro stop, a new shopping center, parks and affordable apartments. 

These are great areas if you don’t want to be too close to the Copenhagen nightlife and busy day._Typical price for a room to rent: 4000-4500 DKK_

Updated on: 27/03/2020