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High demand on rentals in Copenhagen

In next week thousands of hopeful Danes are awaiting an answer on their application for a higher education. When the answer lands in their mail inbox on July 28th 2017 this also kickstarts the peak in demands of rental homes.

Many new students have to find a place to live close to their education and especially in Copenhagen the demand for rental homes increases extremely during this time of the year. So, are you one of the many students who have to find a place to live or are you in general looking for a home during this time, then you have to prepare yourself on a search for a new home that might take a bit longer than you first had hoped for. There are so many home seekers and not equally as many vacant homes. In this article you can read a bit about what yo expect from the situation and how you in the best way can deal with it. 

High demand - how will this affect you?

The increasing number of home seekers will clearly put a pressure on the housing market in Copenhagen - more than normally. Many education campuses are placed in Frederiksberg, Nørrebro, Inner city and Amager and therefore the demand in these places are naturally the highest compared to other places. How will this affect your search for a new home?Well, you will to a greater extent experience that you will have to fight with a lot of other people for the same accommodation. The landlords will therefore receive extremely many applications no matter which media or network you use to apply through. Therefore, you must not feel defeated if you don’t hear back from the landlords within the first few days. In August the average response time is longer than any other time a year and it is not unusual that you won’t even get an answer back - unfortunately! Especially if you apply for the places closest to the various campuses.

This you can do

So, what can you do in this situation? You naturally should apply for all the rooms you are interested in. But you can also consider to look for a home in the areas you at first did not find interesting. As mentioned before, accommodation closest to city center is the most popular, so most people apply for these places. If you search for a place a bit further away from the popular areas, your chances of getting a place is bigger. Even though you are looking for a permanent place to live, then you should also look at places which is only available in a limited period. While many new students are coming to Copenhagen many other are leaving the city to go on exchange. Therefore they will be renting out their apartment or room. It might not be the situation you dreamt of, but renting a place for 3-4 months will at least secure you a home and a start in Copenhagen. As some time passes the demand for accommodation will decrease again and in the fall you can start looking for a new place again in your own pace and with a lot less competition than now.

Remember also to use social media such as Facebook and On these sites there are several housing groups with ads for vacant accommodation. You can also sign up for dorms and studios. Sometimes universities have deals with certain dorms, so check out all your options - big as small. You never know where the opportunity will appear.

We wish you all the best with your hunt for a new home. We are cheering for you :)Do you have any questions whatsoever, please contact us in the chat or at [_[email protected]_](/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#70030500001f02043016191e14021f1f1d1d1104155e141b)

Updated on: 25/02/2020