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How to take good pictures for your ad

Besides making your ad look better pictures also help making your ad seem more trustworthy, when you can see actual photos of the room you are renting out. Therefore, it is a big plus if you upload pictures to your ad and even better if the pictures are good life like pictures showing the room from its best side.

_Here are some tips for how you take good pictures for your ad. _

Clean up
Make sure to clean up the room before you take the pictures. A clean room is more presentable and leaves a better impression of the room and the state of the room.

Take the pictures in day light
It is always best if you take the pictures in day light rather than in the evening. It gives a better result and just as before makes the room look more presentable. Watch out for backlight, which can ruin the picture!

Use landscape format
The pictures will look better if you make sure to take the picture in landscape format rather than portrait format - so the picture is wider than it is taller. You take pictures in landscape format by turning your phone 90 degrees as shown on the picture.

No blurry pictures
Make sure your pictures are not blurry as it can be harder to see the elements of the room and it makes your ad seem more messy or careless.

What should I take pictures of?
You should take pictures of the room you are renting out, as well as the remaining rooms in your home that is shared areas, such as bathroom, kitchen and living room if any, so the home seekers can see all areas s/he would have access to. It is also a good idea to take a picture of your backyard if any or balcony if any. All this will make your ad stand out more and the home seekers will get a better impression of what you have to offer which can help increase the interest in your room!

_We recommend you upload at least 3 pictures to your ad._

Updated on: 27/03/2020