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Get more enquiries on your ad

Have you not found the right roommate yet and want more messages from home seekers interested in your room?
There are many things you can do yourself to increase the activity on your ad and the amount of messages you get.**

Add lifelike photos**
Maybe you already have posted pictures on your ad, but if you don't or maybe only have posted one or two pictures, it can make a big difference uploading some more pictures. Show the room from more angles as well as all the common areas such as kitchen and bathroom that is included in the rent. This will give the home seekers a better picture of all you have to offer and they can better imagine living there.

Write an in-dept ad text
Take a look at your ad text and see if there are room for improvements. Maybe your text can be more descriptive and informative? Make sure you write enough information about the room so you don't just scratch the top of the iceberg. Also write about that you are looking for in a roommate as well as a bit about yourself. In that way the home seekers can better see if you will fit as roommates.

Contact the home seekers yourself
An option is also to reach out to the home seekers yourself. You can find all home seekers in the top bar under 'Roommates'.
If you decide to go on and contact some potential roommates, it is important that you write a personal message where you explain a bit about what you have to offer and also why you have chosen to reach out to this specific user. It will make the home seekers more interested in knowing more about you and you will increase your chances of hearing back from the user.

Share on social media
Make sure you share your ad on social media such as Facebook. Your ad will be more exposed and a friend or a friend of a friend might be the roommate you are looking for.

Boost your ad
Finally, you can also choose to boost your ad. With 'boost' your ad will be shown in the top of the search results, no matter what, for the number of days you choose to boost your ad in. The ad will thereby be seen by more and it can increase the activity on your ad

Updated on: 27/03/2020