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A video makes an ad better

You have filled out your ad with information and text and you have perhaps also uploaded pictures of the room. Give your ad some extra "spice" by making a video and increase the interest in your room.

Why make a video?
If you don't think you receive enough messages on your ad, you can make it more appealing by showing a video of the home. A video can better capture your room and apartment rather than pictures or text can.

A video can additionally make your ad more trustworthy as a video can show that the room truly exists and that you as a person is real. Many home seekers worry about falling for fake ads so by making a video of your home, less will worry about your sincerity and you will perhaps get more messages.

How to make a good video

Film both the room and any common areas

Besides filming the room you are renting out, it is a good idea showing more of the home such as kitchen and bathroom, which the tenant also will get access to. This ensures a better overall impression of what you have  to offer.

Speak while filming

To give the video more life it is a good idea to speak and tell about the room and home in generel while giving a tour. You could e.g. talk about any details or information, you won't be able to notice from a picture.

Film yourself and other roommates

Make the video personal by filming yourself and any other roommates. Filming yourself makes your ad more relatable and trustworthy as explained earlier. 

Keep it short

As human beings we find it difficult maintaining attention for long. Therefore you should keep your video short. Only film whatever makes sense and contributes to the generel impression of the home. A good rule of thumb is keeping the video around 1 minute.

Updated on: 27/03/2020