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Find the right tenant with your findroommate inbox

It can easily become a quite overwhelming proces to find a roommate for your vacant room. Messages keep on coming in and you completely lose the perspective.

By actively using your inbox and its features you will easily be able to get an overview of all your messages; which messages have your interest, which might have your interest and which don't have your interest. Using the features of your inbox actively you make sure that no relevant and intersting messages will get lost among all the other messages.

First! The best thing you can do to make the process as easy as possible, is to check your inbox regularly. The more often you check your inbox for new messages, the less amount of messages will you have to process at the time.

This is how your inbox works

When you receive a new message from a home seeker it will end up in your inbox.
It will be in your inbox until you decide to move it to another list.

When you have read a message and made up your mind on whether the person could be your future tenant, you can move the message to one of the 3 lists; the 'potential roommates' list, the 'maybe' list or the 'no' list. You can also choose to archive the message completely so it won't be present in neither your inbox or any of your lists.

When you have chosen the list you wish to move the message to, the message will disappear from the 'Messages' list and can now be found in the relevant list.
In this way you can quickly "clean up" in your inbox and sort your messages by preference so you easily can keep track of which home seekers you are interested in moving along with and which you have to send a decline message to. 

You can find all your lists by clicking on 'Messages' in the upper left corner of your inbox.

Have you placed a message in the wrong list, then you can move it to the right list problem free. Just click on 'Add to list' and the choose the list you wish to move the message to in stead.

The smart thing with using the features of lists it that you don't have to write an individuel message to each and every person in your inbox.
You can write and send one message which will be sent to every person in the list. So when you have to write a rejection message to everyone in the 'no' list, you don't have to message every single one of them. You just write one message. 

In your inbox you can also create templates, so you fast can reply the messages you have received if you don't want to send a group message. 

So there is no excuse to not answer the home seekers' messages

We know that a simple 'thank you' message or status of the room's availability message means the world to the home seekers. So you should strive to use the inbox's features as much as possible - both for you own sake as well as for the home seekers.

As you can see it is easy to use your findroommate inbox, so get stated It's time to go find you new tenant!

Updated on: 27/03/2020