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How and why you should find a roommate

_Why you should find a roommate_

It will improve your economy
One of the best advantages about having a roommate is that it improves your economy. Suddenly, you are two or more sharing all the expenses. Many people search for a roommate because they cannot afford their apartment alone. When you are young and are moving out for the first time, you do not have that much money, and it would be very clever to reduce your costs as much as possible. It is not only the rent you will reduce, but also expenses to the Internet, TV and so on.

You will improve your network
Often, people chose to get a roommate when they move to a new city for e.g. studies. By finding a roommate, you will have all the help you need to get to know the city and meet new people. It is also very beneficial to have a roommate in this situation, as you easily get to enlarge your network with help from your roommate.

You will have less duties and more fun
Normally, you would share all the duties equally between you. You will not have to clean the apartment all by yourself each week, but maybe just every second week. What is not to like about that?

How to find a roommate_**

When you have decided to get a roommate, it might seem a bit overwhelming and difficult to assess. Because, how are you supposed to find a roommate? And where should you start looking?

Where and how should you start?
There are many ways in which you can find a roommate. Most people chose to search for one online, as they get the best overview of all the rooms available and quickly get to know the market price. When you have found a place to look for an available room, it is important you make an ad that catches people’s attention. Make it personal or write it in a very humorist way. You can also be very creative with a lot of different pictures and information about you.

What should you do when you find a potential roommate?
When you find a potential roommate, it is important you have a gut feeling telling you it is the right person. The chemistry between you has to be good and your expectations have to match each other. It is important you do not just expect you that the both of you have the same idea about cleaning routines, parties and noise in the apartment. It can have crucial consequences if you find out you are completely different on those things or if you do not find a way to solve it.

What about the tenancy agreement?
As a tenant you have the right to demand a tenancy agreement from your letter, if he is not giving one to you. It is a very good idea to have a tenancy agreement and avoid misunderstandings. In the tenancy agreement, it is important there is information about the rent, deposit, prepaid rent, the condition of the apartment and other special agreements you have agreed on.

What about the rent and deposit?
Normally, it is a very good idea to look at what other letters expect to get paid for their rooms in the same area as you. If you think the rent is too high, you should say so to your letter. But some times, the letters set the rent according to how much you get in return. If you get a lot of space, access to a washing machine and so on, you normally have to pay little more. Regarding the deposit, it is first of all important you do not pay it before both of you have signed the tenancy agreement and you get the keys. It is never a good idea to pay anything before hand. Also remember that the deposit and prepaid rent never must be more than 6 months of rent added together. 

What should I do, if it doesn't work out?
If you find out the two of you are not the perfect match after all, it is important you are being honest about it. You should not keep something like that to yourself – it is not fair to you or your roommate. Tell him/her in a proper way without being offensive or aggressive.

Updated on: 25/02/2020