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How to prepare and handle the meeting with a potential landlord

Have you been so lucky you have been asked to meet for a talk with a potential landlord, then here's a few good advice on how to prepare for the meeting, so you in the end increase your chances of being chosen as the new roommate.

Before the meeting

Read the ad again
It is a good idea to read the ad for the room again before going to the meeting. It will not make a good impression if you at the meeting ask something that is already stated in the ad. It can therefore be a good idea to refer to something written in the ad, so you show that you have actually read the ad and are serious about renting the place.

Write down the questions you want to ask
When you have read the ad, write down some questions you want to ask the landlord, so you are sure you don't forget about your questions during the meeting.

Under the meeting

Be relaxed
It always leaves the best impression if you don't seem too tense or nervous when meeting your potential roommate for the first time. Make sure to get there in time and not too late as this also can affect the landlords impression of you.

Be open
Don't hold back in the conversation. The more outspoken you are the more intersted and serious do you seem about the place.

Ask your questions
Ask all the questions you prepared in advance. Ask questions about bout the room and the landlord so you also get an idea about who the landlord it, which is good if you have to live together.

Be yourself.
It's simple. Just be yourself. Don't try to act any different than normally or reply questions with the answer you think the landlord wants to hear rather than what you truly believe.

After the meeting

If you after the meeting are still intersted in the room make sure to write a follow-up message where you thank the landlord for the meeting and express your continuous interest in the room.

Updated on: 27/03/2020