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Find other home seekers and a joint home

With this article I want to inspire you to see the many benefits there are if you join forces with other home seekers and together go on apartment hunt.

It can sometimes seem like mission impossible when you are looking for a new apartment to rent It is not because there are no vacant apartments - because there are lots! A lot of new apartment buildings have in the past years been build in cities such as Copenhagen, Aarhus and Aalborg. They are new, modern and located in attractive areas, so you would think it would be a piece of cake to rent out the apartments, but no. The apartments are simply too expensive in rent for one or even two to share, especially for young students who already are financially challenged.

Live in a new, modern 100 sqm. apartment for only 5000 DKK

Even if it to begin with does not sound very attractive to rent one of these expensive apartments, you should consider the benefits of doing it!
You get a modern apartment with completely new and full-functioning facilities. You don't have to paint or renovate the apartment before you move in. Bathrooms and kitchens are big and much bigger than the standard of older apartments.

Well, then there's the price. Naturally you should not be alone with a rent of +15.000 DKK a month.
It is here the other home seekers join the picture. There are so many like you. Searching for a new home but can't afford renting any of the expensive apartments vacant.

The absolute best you can do is therefore to find 2 or 3 home seekers who are looking for a place to live in the same area as you and together go out and rent one of theses apartments. You will then be able to live in your dream apartment but for a far lower price than if you had to rent it alone.

How do I know if we can live together?

When you go out and find other home seekers to join you in the hunt for an apartment it can a bit challenging - or at least it can feel like it.
Because how do you know who you can live with and how can you tell who you will click with from only their profile text and picture? Usually you will not know this in advance.

So to begin with it is a good idea to contact the people you, based on their profile, could see a potential roommate match with. Maybe you can read from their profile text that you have similar interests and hobbies or that you are looking for somewhat the same in a home.
When you have created a contact it will be a good idea to meet face to face for a small talk to see if you have "chemistry". Here you can also talk about what each of you expect from living with roommates. If you don't have the same expectations or ideas of how living with roommates should be like, it is probably not a good idea to go apartment hunting together. First hand impressions tells a lot. You should already after the first meeting have a gut feeling telling you if you could be good roommates or not.

Personally I find it a huge advantage if you don't know your roommates in advance, because then you get to know each other as roommates which can be a lot easier than if you go from first being friends to live together which is not always easy.

If you want to look into the possibilities of finding other home seekers, so you can rent an apartment together, you can see all home seekers here.
You can insert filters about area, budget etc. to find home seekers matching your own criteria.

Updated on: 27/03/2020