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Endorsements increase your chances of finding a home

What are endorsements?
Endorsement is a feature on findroommate that is showed on your profile and therefore can help you show the landlords how good a friend or roommate you would be. The more endorsements you have, the better your profile looks.

Why do I need endorsements?
As said, endorsements can help you find a home sooner, as you with your endorsements can show the landlords what other people think of you. It can help convince the landlords that you are a person who can be trusted and is an overall good roommate. 

As a home seeker, you contact many different landlords. When doing so, it can be a cool way to make notice of yourself by making references to your endorsements. In that way the landlords will pay better attention to reading your ad and see what both you and the people endorsing you, have to say.

How do I get endorsements?
It is very simple. You just share a link to your findroommate profile with the people you want to endorse you. A good idea is to post it on facebook, so all your friends can enter your profile and leave an endorsement. You make an endorsement by clicking on the green button showing a thumbs up as shown in the picture below. From here your friends and family can leave a short text about you.

Updated on: 25/02/2020