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10 ways to get to know your roommate

When you have found a roommate, you have to get to know each other. Here are 10 ideas for what you can do together as roommates and how you can get to know each other.

1. Watch a tv show together
It is always fun to see a new tv show, and by now there are so many to choose from, that I'm sure you can find one you both want to see. When a new episode is on, you have an hour in each others company enjoying a common interest in the tv show. Afterwards you can talk about the episode and bond over this.

2. Decorate the apartment together
If possible, it can be fun to decorate or furnish your apartment together. Then you get to know each other's taste and can spend time together finding the right furniture or paintings for the walls.

3. Have a wine night
A good evening in the company of your roommate and a bottle of wine can be a great ice breaker for getting the conversation going. 

4. Dinner at a restaurant
The good thing about going out to eat is that you can concentrate on having a good and gun night. You won't have to make the food yourself or better- you don't have to clean up afterwards.

5. Share your interests
You perhaps have some common interests and hobbies you like doing. Then try doing them together. It could be going to the gym, painting a picture, knitting etc. When doing it together and sharing your interests you get a better bond and more to talk about.

6. Movie night
A sofa, a movie on the tv, candy, popcorn, soda.. what's not to like! Have a chill night where you just hang out in front of the tv enjoying your favorite sweets and movies. 

7. Going to the movies
You can also go out at a movie theater to see the newest hyped movie. Perhaps you can eat together before or after the movie. And then you can talk about the movie afterwards.

8. Clean up
It might not sound fun, but cleaning your apartment up together can actually be a lot of fun. Put on your favorite music and clean your apartment from one end to the other. Smalltalk while you do this, sing along to the songs you hear, laugh about some old peanut you find behind the couch. Make it a fun task you can do together rather than a boring chore. 

9. Have a game night
If you both love board games or card games, have a game night. It is a good way to get the conversation going if you don't know each other and there's always something to do. This one can never go wrong, unless someone's a really sore loser!

10. Take a trip
If you have a day off with no plans, go somewhere together. It can be a trip to Tivoli, a park, arcade etc. Just something you can do together

Updated on: 31/01/2020