Then read this guide on how you actively can use your match inbox to find a new home.

Get an overview

Searching for a new home can be overwhelming and tiring. New rooms are posted everyday, and therefore it can be difficult to keep up with which rooms you are interested in and which you don’t have interest in.In order to make it easier for you to keep track of relevant and irrelevant matches, you can use your match inbox to get an overview of the selection of rooms. Every time a new room matching your search criteria is posted on the website, it will end up in your match inbox.Depending on the degree of interest, a match can be marked as ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If you say ‘yes’ to a match, a message box will appear, allowing you to contact the landlord directly from the match. When your message is sent the match will disappear from your match inbox and will in the future we present in your message inbox.The matches you are not interested in will disappear completely from your inbox.Thereby, you can quickly get an overview of all your matches.

Remember to set your search criteria

Are you not using your match inbox because you receive a whole lot of matches, which does not fit your criteria? Then you might need to take a look at your settings. Make sure you have entered your preferences in ‘Search criteria’ and that you have entered the correct search area in ‘My Search Areas’.Vi often experience that users set a far too broad search areas and thereby receive matches from rooms in places far from where they really wish to live. Therefore, it is a good idea to check up on your settings if you thing the matches you receive are completely irrelevant.

However, we sometimes take the liberty of sending you matches that don’t meet your demands 100%. We might send you a match which is 500 DKK one your budget or a rental period for a year even though you only search for unlimited rental. We do this in order to give you the best opportunities  for finding a home. What if the perfect roommate rents out the perfect room and it is just a bit over your budget. We would not let that opportunity slip and therefore you from time to time will receive matches that won’t fit your search criteria fully. 

A feature for everyone

Both paying and non-paying users will have a match inbox. As long as you have filled out your search criteria you will receive matches and therefore also be able to manage them in you match inbox.The only difference is that Premium members will be able to contact the landlords directly from the match, whereas non-paying users won’t have this opportunity

Combine it with the SMS-service

How often do you check your findroommate profile? Probably not as much as you check your phone for text messages. Maybe you don’t even notice when you receive new matches because your match mails get lost among all your other emails.Our SMS-service makes it easier for you to be informed when a new room matching your search criteria has been posted. You will get your matches right at hand so you right away can contact the landlord of the room you are interested in.

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